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Yesterday I drank from Jacob's well. This ancient site goes back to the time of the patriarchs. It is also the place where Jesus met the woman at the well. Today it is also the site of many conflicts. The orthodox church has been the custodian of the well for generations. But many years ago the priest who cared for the site was murdered by Zionist settlers wanting to take control of the area. Today, right across the street is a Palestinian refugee camp. As we entered the church we were told we would have to leave the site shortly because Friday prayers would soon be over and there might be violence. All of this demonstrates the volatility of this area. The politics are so complex and the issues so difficult to solve. There seems to be no easy solution. And yet, as I went below the modern church and saw the well where Jesus met the woman of Samaria and offered her the water of life, I know the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob seeks peace for all his children. I also know that he seeks to give us the water of life, the Holy Spirit, the Life of the world. The life of the risen Lord is available to each of us. We do not need to go to Jacob's well to receive it. The same Jesus who promised life to the woman at the well will give that life to each of us. This is the promise of hope, life and peace, God's shalom to the world.

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