Laundry Love

In October of 2015, St. John's became a co-sponsor of Laundry Love East Hollywood - a local chapter of a national grassroots movement to provide access to clean clothes to people in need as a form of basic human dignity.  Since then, half a dozen volunteers from St. John's have made their way to the Los Lavaderos Laundromat on the corner of Melrose and Edgemont on the last Wednesday of the month, joining a team that welcomes dozens of guests in various states of needs - homeless, temporarily housed, working poor, children and the elderly.

Volunteers feed machines with quarters, soap and dryer sheets.  They serve food to guests so that they don't have to choose between a meal and clean clothes.  They play with children who come with parents and relatives.  Mostly, they offer presence to the guests, getting to know one another and growing closer in relationship month after month.

The average amount spent on laundry per month has climbed from $500 to $550 per month.  And in February 2016 we celebrated our two year anniversary.