The Flipside Young Adults Group

The FlipSide Young Adults group at St. John's exists to provide space for folks in their 20s and 30s to get to know one another through fellowship and through engaging important spiritual topics together as we embark on the journey as disciples of Christ together. 

The name "FlipSide" came about during a discussion about elements of our group's identity that we felt were important to uphold. One of those things is a commitment to engaging in important conversations, but to engage in such a way that is willing to examine not only the popular perspective or the most accessible one, but also to examine ideas and perspectives that are on the flip side of what we might initially think. This commitment to open dialogue stems from our desire to welcome all people to the table, to learn from and be enriched by each other, and to seek the face of Christ in all of the diverse faces that make up this group.

If you are someone in your 20s and 30s and are looking to connect with a group of folks in your similar stage of life, please join us for our next event! To get further connected or to learn more information about The FlipSide, contact Liz McQuitty. You can find her contact information HERE