More Than We Can Ask or Imagine

More Than We Can Ask or Imagine On the last Sunday we all were in church at St. John's, the procession was lining up in the chapel as we readied to begin the service. The painting of Dr. George Davidson looked out at us from the wall at the end of the side aisle. He was Rector of St. John's from 1913 until 1951. His 38-year tenure makes him not only the longest serving priest in the history of our congregation, but also the priest that oversaw the building we all love and look forward to worshiping in again soon. It wasn't until that day just three weeks ago (it seems much longer ago) that another one of Dr. Davidson's experiences as Rector comes to mind -- as the priest who saw St. John's t

Looking Ahead in Faith

The Gospel stories appointed for the weeks of Lent have in one way or another been about seeing. Nicodemus, the Jewish leader, comes to Jesus in the dark of night. He wants to see who Jesus is, but he finds it hard to come to faith when he can only see the taken-for-granted reality around him. The Samaritan woman encounters Jesus at Jacob's well and is able to see herself in a whole new way. This coming Sunday, we'll hear the story of the man blind from birth who receives his sight from Jesus. We hear these stories in this season because Jesus invites us to look beyond the world as we usually see it and receive the new vision of the world as God envisions it, and see ourselves as we really a

No Services in March

For the next three weeks St. John’s Cathedral Los Angeles will be suspending all services and events in response to the public health crisis presented by the coronavirus COVID-19. We are taking our cues from the guidelines set out by Mayor Eric Garcetti that postpones any city event expecting more than fifty attendees. This decision was reached in consultation with the Wardens and with the consent and blessing of our Bishop, John H. Taylor. Sunday morning masses, Sunday night Compline, and both Tuesday and Wednesday evening services are canceled, along with our upcoming Lenten events Breaking Bread (03/19) and the Instructed Eucharist (03/21). It is our intent to return to regular services o

Communion in One Kind

Lent's first theme places mortality starkly before us: "Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return." Yet that theme is being brought home even more in our current public health concerns over the virus Covid-19. How vulnerable we are to the possibility of death and sickness. We are fragile creatures. We are also communal creatures and as Christians, coming together as the Body of Christ is integral to who we are. Our response to potential public health threats must never be alarmist or reactionary. We need to go on with our lives in faith and without fear. At the same time it is crucial to respond to the threat of this virus, to get out ahead of it, and take reasonable precautions to

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