The Light of Christmas!

"The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light" (Isaiah 9:2). As we come to the end of Advent and as we are about to celebrate Christmas, these words of the Prophet Isaiah ring out a message of hope and light in a dark time. The coming of Jesus we recall in the next days, is not so much a remembrance of a past event as an opportunity to open ourselves to the living Christ. Where are you in your life right now? Are you in a place of joy? Anxiety? Grief? Wherever that place is, experience the light Christ brings to you this Christmas. Open your heart to expect his coming in your life and his presence with you wherever you are. That's why we invite and encourage you to make time to

Guadalupe, Protector of the Foreigner

This Sunday at St. John's we celebrate not only the Third Sunday of Advent, but also the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. We think it's especially fitting at this time in our nation to think of the appearance of Our Lady to a poor native Mexican peasant, Juan Diego. She greets him as another would greet her dear son, and she acknowledges that he is the most humble of all her children. He's the one chosen to bring her message to the powerful Spanish bishop. Maybe Our Lady's message is a prophetic word in our day and our nation since the powerful seem to neglect the powerless. The immigrants are turned away at our border and families are separated. The rifts that separate us based on race or re

Wake up this Advent!

This Sunday the focus of our liturgy is all about the prophets— John the Baptist in particular— which doesn't make us immediately feel a lot like Christmas. In our culture, skipping over Advent to get to the warm and fuzzy parts of the season prevents us from understanding what Christmas is really all about. When advertisers and media portray Christmas, they want us to feel good for a few weeks in December in order to make us more eager to open our wallets. Yet John the Baptist calls out to us: WAKE UP! Are we able to open our eyes and see that God wants to work through us to make Jesus flesh and blood right now in the world? Look around. How can we demonstrate kindness? How can we show merc

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