Advent's Coming

I love the seasons of the church year. Always have. And I have been fascinated by them as a source of interior growth. I’m always asking “What can we learn from the seasons of the church year that can help us grow spiritually?” For instance, Lent is a season when we look deeply at the theme of the wilderness. We hear readings of Jesus’ time in the wilderness. But it’s also a time when we can try to learn ways through those wildernesses in our lives, those times when we feel dry spiritually, we feel distant from our God, or are tempted away from our own core beliefs. In my Advent presentation, I am going to suggest things we might learn spiritually from the season of Advent. I’m going to shar

The account we must give

The calendar of the Church year is different from the secular calendar. This coming Sunday, November 24, is the last Sunday of the year, and next week, December 1, is the first Sunday of a new year. More than that, we celebrate Jesus the Lord of all time and the King of a whole new creation this Sunday. Starting next week -- the First Sunday of Advent -- we look forward to his coming again to claim the whole world for himself. What does that mean for us? If we say we are disciples of Jesus and are part of his Kingdom, then, at this time of the year we recognize his Lordship over our lives. The implication is that all that we are and all that we have are ultimately under his rule and authorit

Advent and Christmas at St. John's

Tuesday, December 3, 6:30 p.m. Advent Spirituality with Mother Lyn. RSVP here. Wednesday, December 4, 8:00 p.m CSULA Christmas Choral Concert $15 at the door. Saturday, December 14, 5:00 p.m High Tea: Join us for festive fellowship, delicious tea delicacies, and the joyful singing of our favorite Christmas carols. Saturday, December 14, 7:00 p.m. Advent Lessons & Carols: The Choir of St. John’s Cathedral presents beautiful lessons & carols for the season of Advent and the Vigil of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The service begins in darkness and moves toward resplendent light at the high altar. Sunday, December 15th, 11:00 a.m. Gaudete Sunday and Guadalupe Sunday, guest preacher Sandra

Finding Your Passion

Someone approached us after mass last Sunday and asked why, during this stewardship season, do we focus on financial giving rather than time and talent? As Christ's body in the world we all have gifts to build up one another and to share with the world around us. Giving of our time and our talents to our church community and to the broader world are fundamental to our life as disciples. Throughout the year we often invite members of our community to help with continuing old ministries and starting new programs. If we know a member of our community has a particular passion or skill in an area, we specifically invite them to participate. Often though, we may not know which of these ministries

Limited Time to Shine

During this month of November, we at St. John's are thinking about how we make use of all we have been given -- our resources of time, our many talents, and our finances. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is a full-time job. The way we spend all our resources reflects our values and what we value. Our calendar, our charge statements, our work and leisure time are all elements we can use to evaluate our spiritual lives. It's a spiritual practice to take stock of all these things, especially in this month when we remembered those who we have loved who have gone on before us. It makes us also remember that life is short, and we have limited time to shine our light in the world. What we do today

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