Into a new dimension

As we write this note the Church celebrates the Feast of the Ascension. Jesus was "lifted up and a cloud took him out of their sight," as Luke tells us in the first chapter of the Acts of the Apostles. What does that mean? Representations in art quite literally imagine Jesus floating up into the skies. Some medieval illuminations almost comically depict Jesus feet dangling into the upper frame of the image as mystified disciples look up at the sky. This way of understanding the Ascension robs it of its power. First, Jesus is seen as absent from us. Although there is a sense of absence for those first followers during the time between the Ascension and Pentecost, the power of the Feast we cel

Novena for the Coming of the Holy Spirit

NOVENA FOR THE COMING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT The nine days from Ascension Day to the Eve of Pentecost are the original novena--nine days of prayer. Before he ascended, Jesus ordered the disciples not to leave Jerusalem, but to wait there to be baptized by the Holy Spirit. After his Ascension, they returned to the upper room in Jerusalem where they devoted themselves to prayer. These last days of the Great Fifty Days of Easter can be a time for us to prepare for the celebration of Pentecost. As we anticipate the coming of the Holy Spirit, this can be a time to pray for renewal in the Spirit and a time to reflect on the gifts which the Spirit bestows on the Church. The prayer for the newly baptize

June Events at St. John's

June 8 | Saturday | 6:00 p.m. Hawaiian Luau: The diocesan community is invited to join in a Hawaiian Luau on the roof of the Cathedral Center of St. Paul on Saturday, June 8, 6 - 9 p.m., to support the New Ministry Scholarship Fund for EAM-LA (Episcopal Asiamerican Ministries - Los Angeles). Join the Young Adults from St. John's as we gather at this event. Please RSVP with Victor. If you are not a part of the young adults group at St. John's you can still attend of course, but tickets are $30, and can be purchased from Victor on the Sundays leading up to the event. June 9 | Sunday | 11:00 a.m. Pentecost! There is so much going on it got it's own post. See more here. June 9 | Sunday | 11:00 a

Music is where children meet the Divine

Imagine a place where children of all walks of life can come together, experience nurturing support and acceptance, learn teamwork, gain discipline, and be transformed into exceptional young musicians. This is a place where young people learn to sing, to listen, and to be a part of something greater than the individual. It is a place where children are encouraged to think and express, to embrace their innate dignity, experience beauty of holiness and the majesty of tradition, and to encounter the Divine. We are so pleased to announce that many in our midst have helped to make that place a reality, and it is coming to life this Fall. St. John’s is embarking on an exciting new chapter in the l

Pentecost at St. John's

Pentecost at St. John’s Sunday, June 9 The Feast of Pentecost is the day the Church celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit -- the active presence of God giving life to Christians both individually and as the Body of Christ throughout the world. Jesus promised that even though he would no longer be with us physically, he would continue to be in our midst through the Holy Spirit. Pentecost is the culmination of the Season of Easter. It corresponds to the Jewish feast of the same name, also called Shavuot, a harvest festival of the first fruits of the wheat harvest. We too represent the "first fruits" of those called to be part of God's new creation. To prepare for this major feast, the Churc

A story of absence and presence

The story of Easter morning in Mark's Gospel is only eight verses. Women come to the tomb to find the stone is rolled away from the entrance. The body is gone; a white robed messenger says Jesus has been raised. The women flee the tomb in terror and say nothing to anyone. Compare that with John's Gospel where Jesus meets Mary Magdalene in the garden of the resurrection, then meets his disciples behind locked doors-- two different times-- and then a final time by the Sea of Galilee, stories told over two chapters. The Gospel witness to the resurrection is mysterious. Each writer tells a somewhat different story. Each views the events through a different lens. What do we make out of these diff

Deacon Margaret set to retire

Deacon Margaret McCauley is officially retiring! Margaret has served this community in many ways, including pastoral care, children’s ministry, social justice ministry, as well as on Sunday mornings. We will celebrate her ministry on Pentecost Sunday, June 9, at the 11:00 am service and present her with a gift from the congregation. If you would like to contribute to a retirement gift for her you may note this in the memo of a check, or make a donation through our online portal marking it as a gift for Deacon Margaret. Please give generously to honor her many years of generous service!

Ancient Music for a New Generation

Excellence in music has been one of the central values in our Anglican tradition of worship. Part of our musical heritage has been training children in singing. This has been true in the great English cathedrals at least since the time of the Reformation. Generations of Anglicans gained their knowledge of the faith and their love of great music by learning and performing works of great composers in Evensong, or Matins, or Eucharist. While the traditional programs for such training still exist in many places, there is a need to apply this Anglican musical ethos to new cultural settings in new places. It may not always look the same in every place, yet excellent education can still reach new g

Cathedral, symbol and significance

The gospel reading appointed for this Sunday comes from the twenty-first chapter of John. In that remarkable story the disciples meet the risen Lord Jesus and have breakfast with him on the beach at the Sea of Tiberius. Jesus has a conversation with Peter, three times asking Peter if he loves him. Each time Peter affirms his love for Jesus and receives a three-fold commission to feed Jesus' lambs and his sheep. That commission is given to all pastors, and especially to Bishops, as Peter himself would in turn commission his successors: "Feed the flock of Christ that is among you" (1 Peter 5:2). That is why, over the course of the church's history, central churches emerged in cities where the

May Events at St. John's

Events in March at St. John's Cathedral and in our community: May 5 | Sunday | 12:30 p.m. Green cleaning seminar with the Creation Guild May 19: Simple, homemade cleaning products are safer for your family and better for the earth. Join us for an hour after the 11 o’clock service and learn how to clean your home without toxins. We’ll talk about what works and why, and debunk a few internet myths along the way! May 5 | Sunday | 3:00 p.m. GLEAM Garden Party: Join us Sunday, May 5th, 2019 from 3 to 5 pm in the beautiful Pasadena gardens of Bishop John Harvey Taylor & Canon Kathy Hannigan O'Connor. $25 suggested donation at the door benefits the work of GLEAM -- our Commission for LGBTQ ministry

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