Christ is Risen! Thank you!

Alleluia, Christ is Risen! We are basking in the joy of our risen Lord with 50 days of celebration. We hope you continue to reflect on the joy of new life, of hope and renewal after our Lenten observance. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone from our St. John's community for your contribution making this week of weeks a most holy and beautiful time. From Passion Sunday, through Palm Sunday and Holy Week, through the Great Three Days beginning Maundy Thursday evening, all the way through Easter Day. So many of you participated through giving your time to a ministry, giving financially to help make our church so beautiful and our music so amazing, even by your simple attendance y

The gift of these holy days

As we come to the great three days of the Church year, we encourage you to open your heart, not only to remember what happened from Thursday evening through Easter Day 2,000 years ago in Jerusalem, but to make our Lord's passion, death and resurrection real for you. When we gather on Maundy Thursday, we remember Jesus taking bread and wine and sharing it with his disciples. We remember he washed their feet. We also participate in what he did that night at the Lord's Table, receiving as from his hand his body and blood given for "millions and for me." And we enact the foot washing not as a historical recreation, but as a living out of his call to serve one another throughout the year in the l

A liturgy of grief, loneliness, sorrow, and the triumph of love.

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the central week of our church year, because through it we encounter the central mystery of our faith -- that Jesus came among us, was crucified, died, was buried, and rose again on the third day. This isn't something that just happened to Jesus. We ourselves participate in these events so that we too can die with him and rise with him in our own lives. Sunday we go into the streets acknowledging Jesus as king and Lord of all creation. While that is a day with a great deal of fanfare and acclamation, the mood swiftly changes. On Wednesday night we celebrate Tenebrae. It is a time when we go from light to darkness, and have the chance to spend time reflectin

"That we might lovely be."

The path of Lent takes a decisive turn toward Jerusalem this week. Traditionally, the Fifth Sunday of Lent was the first Sunday of Passiontide, and that's how we keep it at St. John's. We look at the big picture of Jesus’ journey to the cross as we reflect on his last days -- his agony in the garden, his arrest, his trial, the betrayal of his friends, his suffering, his death on Calvary, his burial in the tomb of a friend. Two-thousand and more years after these events, why do we still remember them? And perhaps more importantly, what do they mean for your life and mine? As Christians, we not only say that Jesus' sacrificial love is an example for us in giving ourselves for others, but is th

New Gun Control Sign

Gun Control Sign: Our gun control sign mounted on the front of our church has been in place for three years, so it's being replaced: new sign and new wording. We anticipate and encourage your input on our new sign. Members of the Prophetic Social Witness ministry will be available to make notes of your input during coffee hour today, Sunday, April 7th, after the 11:00 a.m. mass. They will have samples of the design. The Vestry will approve and budget for the printing and installation of the final version of our sign. Thank you. -Deacon Margaret (editor: Below you can see the proposed phrase in a few different layouts.)

GFS calls for hygiene supplies

GIRLS FRIENDLY SOCIETY (GFS) is asking the congregation to assist the group in collecting hygiene items for children in foster care. The Biddy Mason Foundation, an organization that provides support for children in the foster care system, has asked GFS and other organizations to assist them in providing services. Biddy Mason was a pioneer African American woman who came to California in the 1850's as a slave. Anti slavery supporters assisted Ms. Mason in petitioning the California Supreme Court for her freedom. Mason won the case. She, her children and all of the slaver holder's human properties were granted freedom. Biddy Mason was an entrepreneur with skills as a midwife and seamstress.

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