A blog from the Holy Land II

Yesterday I visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (photo above: Fr. Mark venerates the place where the cross stood on Mount Calvary in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre). Within this vast complex lies both the rock quarry site of Mount Calvary and the place of Jesus' resurrection. Our wonderful guide, Iyad Qumri, told us about excavations that occurred in the early 1970s. Archaeologists discovered walls dating to the time of the Emperor Hadrian in the second century. Remarkably, an inscription dating to this time still exists. It depicts a ship with a broken mast and the words Domine ivimus, "Lord we went." I am touched by the faith of that Pilgrim venerating the place the church remember

A blog from the Holy Land I

Yesterday I drank from Jacob's well. This ancient site goes back to the time of the patriarchs. It is also the place where Jesus met the woman at the well. Today it is also the site of many conflicts. The orthodox church has been the custodian of the well for generations. But many years ago the priest who cared for the site was murdered by Zionist settlers wanting to take control of the area. Today, right across the street is a Palestinian refugee camp. As we entered the church we were told we would have to leave the site shortly because Friday prayers would soon be over and there might be violence. All of this demonstrates the volatility of this area. The politics are so complex and the i

Dean's Note: The Children of St. John's

Happy New Year: We celebrate the end of the Christmas Season this Sunday with the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus. During the 11:00 mass we will also baptize a child. Bringing children into maturity in Christ is part of our Christian vocation. Parents are the primary persons in charge of the spiritual formation of their children. That's why we are careful to make sure children baptized at St. John's are part of a Christian community in which the parents have support in raising their child in the life of Christ. This Sunday, Deacon Margaret will have a special children's event on what Baptism means during the 11:00 mass. So bring your children to participate in this day. Following the 11:00 mas

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