"To till it and to tend it"

In the second creation story at the beginning of the Bible, God places the human being in the garden of Eden "to till it and to tend it." God's original intention for us is to make use of the abundance we have been given and to use it wisely. Our 9:15 Christian Formation series during Creation Season has focused on our original vocation as farmers of the earth and conservators of its abundance - especially as it comes to food. Come join us this Sunday as we continue the series. Last week we discussed global hunger and reflected on the remarkable fact that there is more than enough food produced to feed every person on the planet abundantly, yet today so many go hungry. The problem is not

A Community of Love

While Thanksgiving in the U.S. is well over a month away, we want everyone to mark their calendars for a special pre-Thanksgiving event on Saturday evening November 12, our Harvest Dinner. This night is the celebration of our fall stewardship campaign. Our theme this year is "A Community of Love," based on a line from a hymn text we are using throughout the coming weeks. We at St. John's are a diverse community of people from many backgrounds and yet, through the Eucharist we share together and in our common life as disciples of Jesus we are being formed into a community of love so that we can do Christ's work in the world. During this stewardship season, you will receive a call from so

FlipSide Fall Kick Off Success

This past Friday evening we had 18 young adults gather on the patio upstairs to kick off the Fall season with food and fellowship. The patio above the parish hall offers a Romanesque vibe with the strings of globe lights twinkling overhead to illuminate the side facade of the church. If you didn't know you were in Los Angeles, you'd think you were in Rome! One of the many riveting topics of conversation from the gathering had to do with the story of Harry Potter and the exact source of evil found therein. Is it Tom Riddle? Is it the dark arts? Is it the embodiment of the dark arts in Voldemort? The origin of evil in Harry Potter is a fascinating question to consider, but it is clear in

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